September 2019

Kimfest V



Ensemble O

Dora Osterloh - vocals

Friederike Merz - vocals

Cansu Tanrikulu - vocals

Laura Winkler - vocals

Dora Osterlohs Kompositionen spielen mit vier Frauenstimmen als Gesamtinstrument, lassen sie sprechen und schreien, entscheiden und experimentieren. Improvisation hat Raum. Texte haben mal inhaltliche Bedeutung, mal klangliche. Das Individuum jagt das Kollektiv und wird von ihm eingefangen.
Die Mitglieder des Ensembles sind allesamt Sängerinnen der jungen Berliner Jazzszene.
Ihre künstlerischen Persönlichkeiten und solistischen Eigenschaften finden im Ensemble zu einem einzigartigen Klangkörper zusammen.

Ensemble O is an experimental vocal ensemble based in Berlin.
Dora Osterloh’s compositions are created for four female voices as one instrument. This instrument sings and whispers and speaks and howls, experiments and decides. There is space for impsovisation, lyrics have meaning or function as sound-source. The individual acts within the collective and interacts with the collective.
The ensemble members are all important characters of the young Berlin Jazz scene. In this project their personalities as artists and their solistic abilities come together to form an own body of sound.

Koma Saxo

Miko Innanen - sax

Jonas Kullhammar - sax

Otis Sandsjö - sax

Petter Eldh - bass

Christian Lillinger - drums

With a passion for mixing up old and new melodies from Scandinavia with the power of East German protest songs, Petter Eldh finds himself in yet another collaboration with Berlin’s most accessible avant-garde drummer, Christian Lillinger. The experienced rhythm section is teaming up with the Horns of the North, a fresh saxophone section comprised of the distinguished Otis
Sandsjö, the effervescent Jonas Kullhammar and the mysterious Mikko Innanen.

Merry Peers

Brad Henkel - trumpet, electronics

Yoshiko Klein - synth

'Merry Peers' is Brad Henkel & Yoshiko Klein’s mercurial, self-titled Slip debut: a vapour trail of lonesome, entwining half-song made tactile with a dubwise feel for space and bass.
Using only trumpet, synth, a little voice, and effects, Brad and Yoshiko channel sensual ambience, haptic glitch, and time-smudging melodic flights. Earthquake drones. A faint ringing in your ear.
But a pervasive physicality, wryness and urgency underpins and unsettles 'Merry Peers'’ sumptuous surface. Hands and breath shape inhuman sounds, self-help slogans comfort desert winds, and the album’s stately passage is decisive, free of drift. 

13 Year Cicada

13 YC are Philip, Hotti and Zooey. They play drums, bass and synth/voice. They like band practices that start in the morning and end at night. They like rhythms that are so hard to memorize they make everyone enter a state without beginning and ending. They like coming off stage so exhausted they can't even speak.
13 YC like recording, but it really makes a lot of sense to see them live. Their genre fluid style doesn't really make sense. But that's kind of the point. Their shared attitude towards playing a show is what makes it work. And from Tenerife to Zagreb, Barcelona to Berlin, playing is what they like best.

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Merry Peers