Dezember 2011

Vandit Night



Time has come - the highly anticipated and greatly demanded annual Winter Vandit Night is close! Instead of mull wine and gingerbread with your relatives, we are serving the neo-trance duo Kyau & Albert from Löbau in Germany and the electro house sensation Austin Leeds from sunny Miami at the Kesselhaus Club of Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Hosted and highlighted is this event by truly yours birthday boy Paul van Dyk! The early Christmas wonder is talking place Saturday, December 17th and will be the 'extended version' of PvD's jubilee. 14600 days on earth and at least as many seconds behind the decks on that special night, showcasing previews of EVOLUTION and the hottest dance music the scene has to offer! Ralf and Mö from Kyau & Albert feast a jubilee of their own, the label Euphonic celebrates it's 10th anniversary. Look forward to a retrospective from "Touch My Mind" and "Epic Monolith" over "Jump The Next Train" and "Kiksu" to "Are You Fine" and "Leaving Earth". And while we raise our glasses to celebrate the special day of our most favourite DJ of the world, Austin Leeds drops spicy beats and basses for the VANDIT Family. The Floridian is known for his "Sexy Sound" and listeners of VONYC Sessions know to groove of "Sting", "Voodoo", "Get Up" and the PvD collab "New York City" by heart. The illustrious VANDIT Night quatrain not only melts the snow, it also comes along with a special surprise! Be the first to know that Kyau & Albert and Austin Leeds work together with Paul on music for EVOLUTION! Previews and sneak peeks are guaranteed, and who knows, maybe you can take a little taster home with you as exclusive christmas gift! Prepare yourself for the hotest party of the coldest season! Paul and his guests are looking forward to celebrate with you! weitere Informationen unter...

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Vandit Night
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